Insulation Awareness: Staying Warm Through Inclement Weather

Insulation Awareness

It stings the toes and bites the nose, isn’t just a lyric sung at the commencement of Christmas festivities. It’s a real issue during the winter season. Snow, sleet, rain, wind and temperatures that cause bumps to raise on our skin. Our life revolves around one thought: how to say warm.

If your feet aren’t warm, it’s hard to maintain a healthy body temperature. Cold feet can lead to catching a cold as a loss of heat in your feet causes a change in your entire body, specifically your nose. When this happens, your immune system is more susceptible to catch a virus.

But through proper accessories and footwear, you can combat sickness and inclement weather and stay warm and dry all season long.

SOCKS: Similar to when you insulate your home, done properly and with quality materials, you can stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The same goes for your feet with wool socks. Retaining heat during the coldest of days, even if you suffer from sweaty feet, wool absorbs moisture before you even begin to feel it. Darn Tough Sock’s Merino wool enhances the lifetime comfort, durability and style and is the perfect alternative to layering cotton socks that may become damp and suffer from the fear of frostbite.

INSULATION: Whether removable or emulating the fluff inside a Kamik – Eskimo boots – insulation is the difference between rain boots and survival of the fittest. Depending on where you live or the activities you encounter, inspecting the pair of boots or shoes you are purchasing for the temperature ratings is essential. Spending time hiking, hunting or outdoors extensively in locations with consistently below freezing temps? Look for footwear that protects against the negatives. In addition, you can find GORE-TEX® lined boots that are waterproof. When the boot has a leather upper, this prevents moisture from seeping through.

INSOLES: Insoles, like shoes, need to be custom fitted. Made from foam or gel, they offer stability aligning your ankles, knees, hips, spine and shoulders. Over time, this corrects many facets in a misaligned body and just as we discovered by wearing socks, a healthy body is a warm body.

Insulation Awareness

FIT: When you try your shoes on, always ensure there is wiggle room. Not only can pain and ulcers be a direct result, but tight shoes inhibit the ability to wear socks leaving your feet cold and miserable. Once you have an expert find the right fit for you, ensure you always tie your shoe correctly, especially if it’s wet outside.

CONDITION: Weather your shoes. Conditioning your boots throughout the seasons provides longevity to your shoes and ensures that the soles, silhouettes, uppers and laces all remain superior and reliable. Thus your feet will stay dry, warm and healthy. Polishing leather, spraying suede, addressing salt stains, replacing laces; even upgrading the shoes themselves.

Need help in choosing insulated footwear or in choosing a pair of Darn Tough festive socks? Look no further. ELM Shoes has your feet covered.

-Your Missing Sock


Fashion That Fits All Day Long

Fashion That Fits All Day

Whether it’s wrapping a scarf around your neck or wrapping presents, ’tis the season to start layering. While the daylight is shorter and the night is colder, the demands on us are more intense than an average work day. The harder we are on our body, the more demands we put on our feet. While we go from work to after-parties to mingle with friends and family, we naturally want to look our best. And that starts with our footwear. Footwear can make or break an outfit, and it can make our day health wise.

You can have 12-hour days without having to compromise looks. You can be comfortable, have quality shoes and have fashion that fits all day long. This season you can look fresh from sun up to sun down and beyond.

A Little Heel Goes A Long Way: Heels are a great way to ensure your wardrobe has longevity throughout the day. You don’t have to wear stilettos to make a statement. Whether kitten, chunky, block or stacked heels, adding height is a great way to make an impression. Vionic’s Faros allows you to stay a step above while staying warm. Also, they have great details like fringe that can go the extra mile with an outfit creating a holiday look of pizzazz that gives the décor a run for its money.

Cork Equates As Comfort: Not only is Naot known for having fashionable comfort, the company’s name translates to Oasis. Moreover, they provide just that for your feet in a wide variety of beautiful colors and elements. Naot’s cork footbed is perhaps one of their most pronounced elements. As the holiday rolls around and with it the time to be on the go all the time, the cork helps you outrun the elements and the clock.

Earth Summit Boot in StoneSole Power: The ability to walk on clouds will probably not be discovered in our lifetime. But shoe company Earth comes pretty close with their soles and footbed. Their trending Summit showcases their exclusive toe to heel support and cushioned arch. You may have to touch up your makeup and hair but your shoes will keep you steadfast from the moment you slip them on.

Orthotics, the right size and width are vital when selecting shoes. At ELM Shoes we ensure that you find what you love and what your arch and pain points need.

Need fashion that fits all day? ELM Shoes. IT Fits.

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Man’s Best Friend: Irish Setter Boots


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Irish Setter Boots

There’s a reason Frederick the Great of Prussia and later poet Ogden Nash referred to dogs as man’s best friend. No matter your dedication to cats, a dog’s affections and loyalty to its owner – and even those to whom they don’t “belong” – is unsurpassed.

While wolves were originally domesticated to become house pets, over the years we have been introduced to countless breeds. Dogs for guarding, fighting, showing, herding, shearing. Dogs for hounding. And dogs for hunting.

It was such a hunting dog, a bird dog, bred to assist their owners and hunters in finding and retrieving their game, that become more than a friend, but an emblem for a footwear staple.

Back in the 50s, it was a bird dog, a local family’s dog specifically, that helped kickoff a now revolutionary boot brand. The dog, Red Mike of Doxmoe, inspired the logo that is now an iconic piece of hunting gear.

Not only is it expected of the American home to boast a dog, but a well-rounded wardrobe, where you’ll find man’s other best friend, the boot.

From its first footsteps in public, Irish Setter has been dedicated to quality, providing premium performances for the life of the product. Introducing proprietary technologies such as ExoFlex™ Locked-In Fit and Cushin™ Comfort Tongue, Irish Setter is recognized among workers, outdoorsman and hunters for its exceptional and superior craftsmanship.

The design and managerial team behind the boots are more than Irish Setter employees. Located in a historic Mississippi River town, they are industry experts as hunters, fishers and workers who have walked through the wet, dry and dangerous lands. This experience has helped them develop boots that meet man’s most integral outdoor needs.

Irish Setter Boots

VAPRTREK™LS/882: A good hunter may stand out with how much game he can bag, but when he’s in the wild it’s all about how he can blend in. Style 822’s Realtree Xtra® Camouflage boasts lifelike images for depth during any hunting season. Walk your way through the woods to your perfect hunting stand with superior traction and still stay warm through 800g PrimaLoft® Gold Eco insulation. Whether trekking through water or traversing through brambles, this lightweight boot is bound to be a most reliable option.

ELK TRACKER/882: Rich leather that can withstand the harshest winters of North America, this Elk hunting inspired boot highlights Irish Setter’s Bulls-Eye® Bob Aggressive sole. Technology designed for shock absorbing traction without encumbering the boot with overbearing weight. The ELK Tracker features 3M™ Thinsulate™ that keeps hunters’ feet warm through dusk, dawn and damp conditions. If ever there was a best friend, the support this boot fulfills offers all the definitions exceptionally well.

ELK TRACKER/886: A beautiful combination of full-grain leather and fabric, this rugged design showcases Mossy Oak® Break-Up Country® Camouflage providing hunters art that mimics their backdrop. The boot’s ScentBan™ is an exclusive technology in the footbed that kills bacteria – a great bonus for the long days spent scouring the perfect shot. Between the excellent traction, UltraDry™ waterproofing system, and many other benefits, the 886 style is surely a step in the right direction during this hunting season.

Ready to meet your new best friend? ELM Shoes is ready to fit your feet for the best season of hunting.

-Your Missing Sock

Classy Shoes For The Classroom



On average, a teacher’s day begins at six or seven and can end at the same numerical hour. Even if they’re not a math teacher, that adds up to 12 hours.

With approximately 180 days of school per year that equates to 2,160 hours of being a beacon of education. Of transforming minds. While every teacher’s educational presentation varies, everyone has the same goal. To make the learning environment less stressful and more memorable.

However, creating a stress-free environment begins with ensuring teachers significantly reduce the stress in their life.

We all encounter physical stress: A lumpy bed, repeatedly biting your tongue; these small doses are manageable. It’s the chronic stress that can negatively impact our physical and emotional wellbeing.

While the buildup may be vague and may not even be reflective on our countenance, the consequences will not only affect us but those in our immediate presence.

Signs of emotional stress are: becoming easily agitated, feeling overwhelmed, avoiding others or having difficulty relaxing.

Physical symptoms include low energy, insomnia, headaches, nervousness, clenched jaw, frequent colds and infections or tense muscles.

Combine those and being a beacon of a education feels a little more challenging. See, the chronic stressor of a teacher begins the moment you slip your shoes on. While you may not be standing or walking all 2,160 hours per year, poorly chosen shoes that do not support feet do not support feet no matter the task or activity. Sitting, slouching, standing, jogging, walking. Footwear that is not serving its intended purpose can cause lifelong, irreversible damage.

In a society obsessed with high heels, we’ve compromised our health for heights of fashion. Politician Michelle Bachman admitted high heels caused her headaches and for many that’s a minor repercussion for wearing stilettos all day. One outward sign is a pump-bump. A protruding blister at the back of the heal. Not to mention swelling and bursitis. Many podiatrists remark to seeing several patients a day with complaints to pain from their footwear.

In an effort to solve the problem with high-heels, some turn to flats. The problem is that flats with no arch support fail to absorb the repeated shock factors of your feet hitting the ground. Over time, this causes strain on your ligaments and tendons leading up to the knee. Once your arch starts to suffer, your ankle is affected. If the ankle is compromised, the knee and hip.

So are Doctor’s Croc’s the answer? Do teachers have to reduce their sense of style in the name of reducing their stress factors?

Three companies set out to not just address the crisis of poor craftsmanship and Lack or orthotics, but styles befitting of classrooms.


The Top Three Brands to Beat Chronic Stress:

DANSKO: A 100% employee-owned company that began more than twenty years ago by a husband and wife team, this Pennsylvania brand is rooted in simplicity and efficiency. Clogs that are comfortable, heels that feel good while making you look good and flats that aren’t flat. A local legend that is now infused in everyday wear, Dansko supports you.

AETREX: Founded in 1946, Aetrex is a global leader in the footwear industry and is renowned for its over-the-counter Lynco Orthotics. They also offer footwear with built-in arch support & ultra-soft memory foam cushioning. Recommended by doctors and podiatrists, Lynco Orthotics offers unsurpassed support, comfort and proper body alignment. Committed to Foot Health for Three Generations, their goal is to continue creating the healthiest shoes on the market with a fashionable, functional, quality edge. In 2002 they launched the patented groundbreaking digital foot scanner, the iStep, which can scan your foot and accurately measure it for size, pressure points and arch type within seconds.

VIONIC: Founded in 1979 through the works of renowned podiatrist Phillip Vasyli – a pioneer and innovator in lower limb biomechanics – Vionics creates life-changing footwear and orthotics. With the aim to make pain relief accessible without a doctor’s prescription, Vasyli creates orthotics and footwear in a stylish range of shoes, sandals and boots. Many Vionic shoes bear the American Podiatric Medical Association’s Seal of Acceptance – signifying safety, quality and effectiveness.

Ready to dress classy in the classroom? For more information or to try out the Aextrex iStep for your perfect fit stop by ELM Shoes on the square in Greencastle and start shopping. ELM Shoes. IT Fits!

-Your Missing Sock

Shoes Throughout The Centuries

Shoes Throughout The Centuries

Unless you’ve been aspiring to walk coals or swim with the dolphins this year sans fins, chances are you’re an avid wearer of shoes. Around the world our interpretation of shoes varies vastly, especially as each century has passed.

While there are no elves assisting shoe makers to speed up the process or preserve the integrity of quality, a passion to see footwear evolve has garnered the attention of thousands of people and designers negating the need for the folklore’s help.

Some of the earliest records of shoes were sandals. Whether gladiator or thong, they were worn to protect feet amidst desert heat.

Additionally, rough-hewn constructions of raw leather hide were crafted to fit bespoke in a moccasin fashion.

These organic industrial pieces stood strong against the elements and since their clothes were often made from the same elements of earth they created a seamless sense of style.

Were we to wear them now we would look peculiar. However, we have borrowed these ancient looks, drawing inspiration from their practicality and enhanced them for a modern style.

As time passed, cobblers began experimenting with different mediums for shoes. With this evolution, men and women’s shoes began varying slightly in looks, their purpose for more than just efficiency. An aristocrat class system was prevalent, evident when purchasing shoes. Those of wealth could be seen wearing luxurious silks and embroidered patterns. Whereas laborers and “common people” wore sturdy, dependable leather boots and shoes.

Soon shoes became more gender and age specific. Men’s heels become shorter; women’s higher. Color, pattern, flowers and more mediums were infused into the concepts of footwear. For centuries wood was one of those mediums – dating back as early as 1230ad, they truly are iconic to the Dutch heritage today. Their presence became notable fixtures, gaining popularity during the 16th century. While we know them as clogs – wooden shoes – in Holland and to the Dutch they are fondly referred to as klompen.

Left And Right Shoe Fact

As technology expanded so does the mold for the soles of our shoes. Like Carl Bentley from Jumanji with his exploration to see the next generation of shoes, to see how far we could take shoes and how far they could take us, there is always something new.

Each company and brand releases something original, designers patent technology that encourages orthotic health to maintain or reverse the bad habits shoes of the ghosts of bad footwear past we’ve conditioned our feet to.

Throughout history when footwear became a fashion staple it came at great cost – even still today women and men, women specifically, put themselves through tortuous lengths to achieve the height of fashion. It’s as if they suffered the adverse side effects of ballet without the art of ballet.

Today we have a wide variety of shoes in a wide variety of sizes. Rubber, mesh, plastic. Waterproof, steel toe, peep toe. Glitter, gold, glass, glow in the dark. Nearly anything you can imagine, it can be worn on your feet.

And still, there is more to come. To truly appreciate style, you have to appreciate the shoes of centuries past. Before ELM Shoes was a store, we were a school bus. However, no matter what we provide our customers with, we provide shoes that fit.

-Your Missing Sock

The SAS Printed Shoebox

the sas printed shoebox

Styles only last a season. Sometimes a decade or two later they can be resurrected, but when you first fall in love with an article of clothing, the look can be fleeting.

Understanding the meaning or concept behind patterns and materials chosen, however, will outlast what’s in your closet. Understanding the designer rather than just the design will help keep things renewed.

And most importantly, knowing the brand and buying into it is what keeps it alive. Brand loyalty is more than the label. It’s about making the brand’s heritage just as much a part of yours.

While Google can give you the rundown on which shoes are best, you ultimately go with your gut, heart and with your sole.

the sas printed shoebox_square.png

Fashion may dictate us, but ultimately the fabric of stories moves us. And what moves us emotionally moves us to make a purchase.

And nothing moves us like knowing that we are investing in wearing quality and comfort. Forty years ago a story began with a brand that revolved around both of those aspects. A story driven by a company’s need to succeed, to see people feel comfortable in their shoes and trust their fit.

SAS – The San Antonio Shoemakers – had just 13 shoemakers who depended on word of mouth to turn their ideas into a sustainable business. They set up shop in Del Rio Texas and since have expanded to 200+ retail SAS stores, and retail locations found all across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Korea, Kuwait, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Panama, Chile, Israel and England.

No matter where you buy your pair of shoes, the brand that Terry Armstrong and Lew Hayden founded will remain the same because of the integrity they instilled in this family-owned and operated company. Not only are the standards kept high for customer service, but for the care that goes in manufacturing what is selected to the public.

Before a pair of SAS shoes can get stitched with its SAS label or put in a SAS printed shoebox, each pair of shoes can go through up to 100 different steps to assure you receive the finest, optimal construction.

SAS oversees all projects – from leather selection, die making, cutting and more to guarantee their products are free from manufacturer defects, and your repeat business.

Offering the largest range of sizes and widths of any brand for men and women, SAS ensures their consumers can find something to fit. To become part of the brand.

And while they update their styles with the season, you can always depend on a quality brand.

To find your SAS fit, join ELM Shoes’ SAS Lifestyle Express Truck Event August 4-5, 2016 where there won’t just be a large selection of widths to choose from, but colors and styles too.

-Your Missing Sock

How To Pull Off Socks And Sandals (You Can’t)


If you’re about to publicly brave the dry or wetlands of the world with Crocs™ and socks. Don’t.

If you’re about to travel out of the house with thong sandals and socks. Don’t.

If you’re about to tighten those Velcro® straps of your fisherman sandals over a pair of socks. Don’t.

If you’re about to slide your calf-high socked feet into shower sandals. Don’t.

If you have a pair of socks in one hand and sandals in the other. Abort; Drop. One. Of. Them.

Unfortunately, the answer to solving this dilemma isn’t as simple as the process of elimination. Coco Chanel once advised women, “Before leaving the house; a lady should look in the mirror and remove one accessory.” Men, on the other hand, or foot in this instance, have to decide: reputation vs. traditional obligatory socks and sandals.

Fathers. Sons. Brothers. Married Men. Single Men. (Now you know why you are the latter, perhaps.) This summer give your feet a chance to do what they were born to do. Breathe. And allow shoes the opportunity to enhance your style. Not trip you up.

Want to know how to wear socks and sandals? You can’t. So here are six summer styles any man can pull off, um, on.


Summer is a time your socks play peekaboo with the sun. If you absolutely must wear them, no one should be able to see them.

  • Adventure Sandals: Up for an adventure? These sandals accept your challenge. Climate, terrain, altitude, their attitude and style is supportive of your endeavor – so long as you don’t steal TEVA’s thunder and wear sock’s under their rubber glory, that is. And of course, so long as you remember these are sports-oriented shoes. Not to be confused with special occasion footwear!
  • Birkenstocks: Just when you think these sandals are buried away, they come back with a vengeance. You don’t have to have a man bun, be a vegan or a nomad to appreciate the rustic craftsmanship to balance your well-groomed look. Urban. City. Country. Figure out what clothes you want to wear and complete the overall wardrobe look with this distinct organic footwear.
  • Boat Shoes: You don’t have to be on the shore to appreciate this design. Live a landlocked lifestyle? Thanks to the variety of colors, leathers and other breathable materials, these shoes enable you to walk in comfort and confidence. Borrowing from the carefree seaside model, the slip-on capabilities for easy on-the-go living is the perfect summer solution for indulging in your seasonal bucket list. Whether you’re sporting a quintessential skipper or golfer look or adding layers by nightfall, your Boat Shoes are the most trustworthy sidekick.
  • Loafers: Don’t let the name fool you. These shoes are a step above your normal summer style. Great for going out when you feel like lounging around, you can impress your dinner date, your in-laws, your superior or just enjoy feeling top notch without the feeling of pinched toes. (Gentlemen, don’t be afraid to show a little skin! Roll those pant legs up an inch or make sure you wear straight and fitted cut pants with your shirt tucked in and accessorize with a belt to match your loafers. Summer may be a time to cut loose, but you don’t have to cut out your style!)
  • Low-Top Canvas Sneakers: Summer is all about low maintenance with big flair. While your summer exercise routine may overflow from the gym to the great outdoors, your casual shoes should clearly be separated. With Low-Top Canvas Sneakers in a neutral shade, you can wear jeans, linen pants, chinos, shorts, even long pants rolled up to look shorter. The versatility with a simple sneaker is endless. (Again, if you do pair with socks, hide ‘em.)
  • Leather Thong Sandals (Flip Flops): The difference between rubber flip flops and a leather pair is the difference between riding first class and coach. And even if one pair is more comfortable to wear – we can’t determine that for you – nine times out of ten, the leather pair is more comfortable on our eyes. It’s first class! And this summer, First Class is in. At least wherever you are going. Leather can always boost an otherwise bland look. No only is leather more durable, but often companies will manufacture more ergonomic options.

Not only are these six summer alternatives to the sandal and sock combo, but these are six footwear staples that any man could or should have in his closet.

Don’t be a walking cliché anymore or allow summer fashion to rule you. With these options you can rule summer and start walking, jogging, running, trekking…moving in confidence.

When it comes to moving sans socks, no baby steps. Rip those socks off like you would a bandage and start living summer in abandon. Not sure which pair suits your personality most? ELM Shoes can help find your Fit.

Until then…


-Your Missing Sock

What Your Shoes Say About You


In 1968, Dr. Seuss introduced to children, and other willing readers, that no one has two left feet. We have a right foot and a left foot no matter how inept we appear on the dance floor. In complete transparency, The Foot Book, opened doors (and pages) to the possibility of Seuss’ 1990 book, Oh, the Places You’ll Go. While modern transportation continues to evolve in technology, capabilities and availability, we still depend on the oldest method to get us from point A to point B, regardless if point A is our home and point B is the vehicle in the garage.

Even if you’re heading to the beach or the mailbox, rarely do you head out barefoot (once there is a different story). We rely on shoes for every circumstance in life. Some of us have a shoe for every occasion. Some of us wear a lucky pair to get us through each milestone, some of us celebrate milestones with a new pair. Either way, shoes are just as essential to us as our three staple meals.

Moreover, just like our favored foods denote sentimental value – our traditions, our heritage, our schedules – so do our shoes.

The sneakers you just can’t get rid of? They give us a sneak peek into your personality.

The convulsive shopping for every pair of peep toes? They are part of your DNA fabric.

Your choice of footwear tells us something about your individualism just as much as your style does. Sure, you may follow trends, but why? And although the types of shoes are endless, your type helps us define your personality.

Here’s a snapshot of what’s going on in your life and head when you’re tying, strapping or squeezing your feet in your new, (or decade old dilapidated) kicks:

Scuffed up Sneakers: You know the guy (or gal) who buys the baseball cap and keeps on bending the bill? That’s the same sneaker concept. Sneakers are often the first type of shoes you own. They may be light ups or Velcro®, but they are made for comfort, running; made for endurance, and just like that baseball cap, we want to conform the sneakers to be part of us in every way. There’s an emotional connection with a strong sense of individuality. Sneakers are often the most expressive in color, brand recognition and customization. Tennis shoes, cross training, basketball or cleats. When you tie them up, it’s like you’re tying your heartstrings together. It’s just that basic.

*Sneakers are most advantageous when you need to go from one activity to the next, e.g., shopping, workout, ATM.

Head over Heels: Stilettos. Kitten heels. Pumps. Platforms. Wedges (the safer way to walk at elevated heights). It’s not always about looking good for others; it’s about looking and feeling good about yourself. No matter how tall or height deficient you may feel as a woman, heels are often a way to boost not just inches, but confidence. While we may never pinpoint the exact designer – gender or name – of the heel, they were worn as a symbol of power, privilege and prestige. Yes, even men took part of this practice during the 1600s. As generations passed and clothes shortened, the intentions became misinterpreted as a sex symbol. However, for the majority of women, inherently the power, privilege and prestige are the reasons they’re worn – despite the potential for long-term pain. Hey, if it doesn’t hurt, it’s not helping – right?

*Heels are highly recommended for pants that haven’t made it to the tailor yet.

Bad to the Boots: Boots aren’t just worn because you’re cold. They were never just a winter staple (rain boots, cowboy boots, combat boots, motorcycle boots, construction boots, to name a few). Just like sneakers, boots take considerable wearing in. From the buckles, laces and tread, they require a lot of living before they have your blood, sweat and tearstains of approval. Boots, for men or women, tell people that you’re not afraid to look good while getting things done. That, no bugs were harmed in the filming of this movie, even though it looked like you stomped on an entire ant hole. Boots express an independent, simplistic lifestyle. Functionality, fashion and bad to the boots, year round, all day, all occasions, you wear boots because despite your can-do-it attitude, they do the job when you cannot.

*Boots are great for covering up mismatched socks and No-Shave November participation.

Saved by Sandals: Heatwave? Sandals can definitely help you, but there’s a difference between those who wear socks and sandals and those who purposefully select sandals and wear the latter by themselves. Those who add socks to the mix have a careless spirit, those who embrace sandals as they were intended, have a carefree spirit. If you are wearing any this spring or summer, you are all about seasons and embracing every day; living in the moment. As sandals free the feet, they are emblematic to the earliest conceptualization of footwear. The Gladiator proves this through ornate trappings the entire way up the calf. Next to running barefooted, sandals are the most organic form. In choosing sandals, you are proudly stating you are mindful of whom you are. Despite the occasional shower sandal, you strive to wear pairs that do not comprise your sense of fashion.

*Sandals are the preferred choice of footwear if your feet suffer from claustrophobia.

The Loafers: While the name may conjure up images of gentleman puffing cigars, shucking off their collegiate blazers with elbow patches, a life more complex exists. Gentlemen and gentlewomen who wear loafers or flats, boat shoes and moccasins, live life comfortably and all in. The name loafers does not denote a character quality; it does not imply an attribute of laziness, but rather someone who when they decide to go, they want to go right away. Perhaps you truly understand Seuss’ 1990 book, Oh, The Places You Will Go, most intrinsically. The places – water, woods, library – you can traverse with a pair of flats.

*Loafers, specifically moccasins, make exceptional Christmas gifts.

Rock The Oxfords: A classic and now a trend; you cannot go wrong with a pair of oxfords. If you own a pair of oxfords – or two – you appreciate the details. You are someone who is okay with standing out while at the same time sitting on the sidelines. Oxfords are charming in their simplicity. Whether the bold, swinging saddle shoes or just a pair of classic, brown wingtips, a little bit of brogue makes a big difference in your outfit and your outlook. If you Oxford, you have a foundation, you have a classic piece; you have an everyday shoe. It’s more than a special occasion; it’s a quality that you can count on to get you through the work week. The Oxford personality is someone who bought a pair of shoes first, their mind made up with the first step, then fell in love with the second step.

*Oxfords are essential to a wardrobe if you are trying to impress your three-piece suit boss.


We are all more than one dimensional, commuting to many places through life. The pedometer of our footwear will exhaust itself. Soon we must pick out a new pair; either a replica – for those of us who are fastidious with brand loyalty – or perhaps we will embrace the concept of something new, shiny and unknown.

Designers and manufacturers are in tuned to what catches our eyes; styles are continually experimenting. (Jumanji, anyone?) Chunky heels, canvas tops, ankle wraps, fringe details, houndstooth, nubuck leather, snake embossed, steel toe, wide calf, cap toe, patent. The footwear options we can choose from are astounding.

And even though the collections that are presented in front of you are presented in front of millions as well, what you pick up and put on says something about you as an individual. At ELM Shoes, we believe that not only do you have a story, but so does your shoe. And we’re excited to be part of your shoe journey.

Stop in and we’ll help you start it. And snap a picture of it too.

-Your Missing Sock

Tying The Knot


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Don’t sit too close to the TV.

Don’t sit near a window during a thunderstorm.

Don’t go swimming after eating a big meal.

Don’t eat paste.

And don’t leave your shoelaces untied when running – you’ll trip and break an arm, or two.

These are the basic everyday rules we grew up with, and the next generation has now inherited.

And while we may be rebels and swim after consuming a 1200 calorie meal, one thing we did learn is that living life on the edge with untied laces isn’t worth it.

So we gave in and learned the nursery rhymes that enabled us to remember exactly how to keep our shoes tied so we could be registered in Kindergarten with the big kids.


But here we are, decades later to realize having to bend over several times a day retying, humming the bunny poem (Over, under, around and through, Meet Mr. Bunny, pull and through.) might not be the most productive way to spend our walk through the park. And why? Because we’ve been tying it wrong all along.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when next you head out the house:

The Granny Knot: The most common knot, it is also the most common reason for causing knots to coming undone. It is easily recognized by the bow sitting vertically (heel to toe). Moreover, it’s easily fixed by reversing one stage of the Starting Knot.

The Starting Knot: Imagine you’re holding your feet captive in your shoes – you need to use a secure knot, so the laces don’t come undone through your daily, rigorous activities. When you’re tying your shoelaces and tie both the starting and finishing knot in the same direction, not only does the knot sit unbalanced, but it comes easily undone.


Balancing the Difference: Tying the laces in opposite directions cancel out each other, resulting in an even knot that lies evenly (horizontally) across the shoe. While the tying technique may be subtle, the overall outcome and security are significant.

So next time you have cold feet, your shoes are probably not tied correctly. Join ELM Shoes as we tie the knot for a more accurate fit…

-Your Missing Sock

Pain Doesn’t Have to Be Part of Your Life


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foot health awareness

It’s Foot Health Awareness Month and while for 30-days every year in April, people in the foot care or footwear industry are trying to expand their knowledge and importance of proper foot maintenance, there’s a catch. 30 days doesn’t cut it.

It takes meticulous and intentional care every day of the year.

Simple practices like drying between toes and applying lotion after bathing contribute greatly toward preventing fungal infections. And while painting interior or home exterior walls act as a sealant, it’s vital to skip nail polish for several months per year to prevent your nails from becoming brittle or growing fungus.

Whether it takes great acrobatic maneuvering or extending your foot over a mirror, inspecting your foot for cracks, peeling, dry skin, blisters, corns and other protrusions is vital to avoid infections or a non-healing wound. Especially if you are diabetic. And this is just stuff you may experience outwardly.

National Foot Health Awareness Month is about being self-aware of what’s happening with your feet. Whether it’s external or internal. Often one day with pain is one day too many. It’s time to discover where it’s coming from and how you can improve the quality of your life by adjusting your lifestyle, your footwear and finding the right help.

Footwear That Promotes Healthy Habits: High heels, flats, flip flops and sandals are making a comeback with warmer weather! And their comeback story is a bit woeful considering the pain people are experiencing. Often these categories of shoes do not offer the most pronounced support. Be on the lookout for brands that specialize in orthotic technology with built-in support, reducing stress on your feet -thus ankles, knees and back. When it comes to high heels, compromise with a lower heel that doesn’t over extended your arch and put to much stress on compressing your toes. When wearing flats, flip flops or sandals, ensure you alternate them throughout the week (or day) with other shoes that offer more support. Depending on your footwear’s shape and look, you can utilize arch inserts to compensate for any discomfort and lack of stability.

Check-In to Cut Out Pain: Just as soon as you think you’ve found your shoe size, your foot may change in other ways. As you shop for shoes, periodically have your foot measured for width, arch and even size to ensure you have the most proper fit.

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Moreover, despite having the most stabilizing footwear, pain doesn’t have to be a part of your life. Numbness, tingling and general pain or discomfort are worth a call to your general practitioner and podiatrist. Keep up a good rapport with them. As soon as you suffer from any ankle, foot or toe injury follow up with them rather then toughing it out. The more you prolong seeking medical attention, the longer you will suffer from pain. Left untreated, injuries can result in the development of arthritis, bones not aligning properly in the healing process and limited mobility.

Decreasing The Diabetes Threat: From clipping toenails, to nerve damage and watching your weight, when you have diabetes, your feet are often most affected. However, when you are proactive with annual (or more if necessary) foot inspections with your doctor, you make great strides toward avoiding the harrowing fact that nearly every 15-minutes, amputations are done due to diabetes. Your feet can take you all over the world. They shouldn’t be what takes you to the surgical table for an amputation. When you begin to lose sensation in your feet (meaning the pain begins to dull), experience low circulation, have excess weight or don’t have the proper arch support, each detail adds a sense of emergency to find the proper footwear and medication and treatment plan to eliminate the threats and slow down or stop the process.

What we eat. How we shower. Our exercise routine. Ultimately it all can affect the way our feet feel and how we walk. Pain doesn’t have to be part of our lives. Sometimes all it takes is a good pair of shoes and daily care to make that happen.

Let ELM Shoes improve your quality of walk.

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