New Year, New Fashion

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This spring ushers in a variety of cute styles and trends for 2018– from millennial pink (the famous rose gold/dusty blush shade), to laser-cut loafers, you’re bound to find something to love this season!

As for women’s fashion, metallics and two-toned shoes are continuing to be up-and-coming on the footwear scene, especially when mixed with brighter pops of color. Shoes are maintaining the modern, 21st– century style, with throwbacks to previous years’ trends, and more casual styles becoming more popular. Platform heels are practically overthrowing stilettos this season (hooray for comfort!), and jute-wrapped soles as well as cork influences and snakeskin-prints are in abundance. A few newer trends show up on the scene, especially high-tongue sandals that have more of a “shoetie flair”, open-toed mules, and of course, you can’t go wrong with a pair of slip-on wedges! If you’re wanting to take a subtle step onto the wild side, floral prints, pastels and patterns are an excellent way to do so– and are making quite the statement this spring. Casual is the new “dressy,” so don’t be afraid to throw on a dress or skirt with a new pair of bold, chunky-strapped wedges or sandals!

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When it comes to men’s spring and summer fashion, warm tones and neutral shades are fun and overflowing, and sure to pair well with any outfit. The “sneaker influence” has become highly predominant, with light-colored soles, and more casual trends becoming popular this season. While neutral shades are common, if you want to stand out, some pops of color (as well as patent styles) are trend-forward, and a trend that we will continue to see as the year progresses. Suede tassel loafers, wing-tips, and dress casual lace-ups are great go-to’s for almost any event, and even every-day wear as footwear leans toward the versatile, “wear everywhere” movement. The “two-in-one” theme, such as Olukai’s loafer/mule, and lace-up/mule styles will be big this season, and are great for almost any occasion. From fishing or boating, to that outdoor dinner party, you’re sure to be both comfortable and fashionable!

Neutrals can be fun and go with everything, but you can’t go wrong with unique, so don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try something new this season! You’ll be surprised at how many things in your closet will go with that fun, new pair of shoes you’ve been dying to try!

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Finding Versatility For Your Footwear

Versatility for Your Footwear

Fashion is dictated by the runway; style is what we do with it. And with thousands upon thousands of shoes out there, there are just as many ways we can interpret fashion and create our own style.

With the simple tie of shoelaces, you can turn a cocktail outfit into street-smart fashion. Exchanging heels for high-tops, you can transform an outfit, but just as easily as you can transform an outfit, your shoes have the ability to be transformed. One day one pair can serve as boat shoes, the next walking shoes.

Dress shoes with a three-piece versus dress shoes with a sports blazer have a significantly differently impact, sending a different message. And the possibilities go on.

Today we’re going to find versatility for your footwear. This not only adds longevity for your shoes but gives you an opportunity to think outside the shoe box.


There’s a Parisian opinion that states if the skirt is above the knee you wear flats, anything below you pull out the heels.

And while a pair of heels can transform a skirt or dress into a date night staple (something Cinderella’s godmother taught us early on), pairing those same shoes with jeans can give you an edgy, enviable look.

Now that we’ve taken heels off the runway, let’s see where else we can and cannot (or should not) wear them.

Finding versatility for your feet

Harem Pants: yes. They can take a casual yet exotic look and elevate the outfit.

Sweatpants: no. There’s a reason they’re called sweatpants.

Dress Pants: yes. Nearly anything that has the word dress in it or has to do with dressing up can be paired with heels.

Board Shorts: no. Actually with many beach or summer lounging outfits, heels are not terrain friendly.

Leggings & Exercise Gear: no. The word exercise generally implies the need for sneakers. Have you tried running in heels?


Trekking through the woods? Going mountain climbing? Traction, support and coverage are key words. Flats are made for flat surfaces and also for…

Shorts: yes. Shorts embody a carefree look, as do flats.

Snowsuits: no. If you’re encountering inclement weather or have to wear multiple layers of socks – flats should stay in your closet for several more weeks.

Skirts & Dresses: yes. They are called ballet flats for a reason. Inspired by a dancing empire, they are perfect for a romantic twirl or a soft, sweet look.


The most beloved, go-to shoe in the USA, we use them for running, jogging, lounging, walking and countless other activities. Here’s a few ways to know if your sneakers can pull off this fundamental piece.

Spandex: yes. If you own anything with spandex (polyester, acrylic, etc.,) then there’s a high percentage of you being able to wear sneakers with this material because chances are it’s the main fabric of your gym clothes.

Dress Pants: no. Just as we said wearing heels with anything dressy is good, wearing sneakers with dressy clothes will often create an unnecessary fashion faux pas. A dress shoe can work with casual attire to give it some pep to its step, however, it doesn’t work in reverse. Sneakers, flip flops, crocs, sandals with socks, the list goes on. This shoe crime, as we like to call it, happens far too often but can be easily remedied. You can still dress up but find a dressed down type of footwear through loafers or boat shoes.

Now that we’ve got the conversation going we’d love to see how you turn your solemate into versatile styles. Maybe you have the ability to rock sweatpants and heels? We’d love to see how you pair your ELM Shoes, so send us a Shoefie!

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Reducing Arthritic Pain Through Shoes

The Right Pair Of Shoes

Feeling achy? Hear your joints snap, crackle and pop like a sad bowl of Rice Krispies®? Arthritis can hit at nearly any age, any joint and cause irreversible damage. The most alarming is hindering you from achieving your goals from Point A to Point B. Losing mobility is losing out on a lifetime of opportunities. But the right pair of shoes can give back some of that privilege and protect your joints and preserve your joy.

With dozens of arthritis conditions stemming from multitudes of diseases, it’s important to work alongside your doctor to understand what kind you have and where you are most affected, so you’re picking out shoes that support you without increasing your symptoms.

The three most common types of arthritis are Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Psoriatic Arthritis. While they are different in their onset and patterns of symptoms, origins and demographic correlations, there is a common denominator with all. Stiffness. Pain. Swelling. Inflammation. And as mentioned before, decreased mobility and ability to perform everyday activities like open a jar of pickles or pour a bowl of cereal.

One of the main sources for diminishing some of that pain and slowing down the rate of joint deformation can be found in your wardrobe. So long as it complies with the following criteria, of course:

1)    No heels: Women have said if they aren’t hurting, they aren’t helping. In other words, if you don’t feel a little pain while wearing them, they aren’t highlighting your body’s best assets. But women also say, looking back, that if they knew then what they know now, they wouldn’t have worn heels every day or so frequently. Heels conform our feet in an abnormal position, against the natural formation intended.

2)    No compact flats: While compression is good, lack of arch support and narrow toes causes suppression that bends your feet incorrectly. Our feet are pliable and susceptible once slipped into shoes, which is why it’s important to pay attention to the entire silhouette of a shoe: heel, toe, sole, straps, laces.

3)    More advanced flip flops: Cheap flips flops to feet is like wearing a ribbon around your neck and calling it a scarf during a blizzard. Thankfully companies have worked hard to advance the form and technology of a more stable and form-fitting shoe made with durable materials that cushions the foot, conforming to its arch and providing better quality. It’s imperative to avoid kinds that fail to provide an anatomically correct footbed thin, plastic types that do more flipping and flopping have a tendency to wear out in the heel.

The right pair of shoes

4)    More suspension: Yes, suspension. Have you ever ridden in a vehicle that doesn’t have suspension? The simplest thing like driving over a speed bump can eradicate all feelings of safety and comfort. When it comes to recognizing suspension in a pair of shoes, you will often find it in a pair of sneakers, but many companies are recognizing the need for this feature, incorporating patented formulas in a wide variety of shoe categories.

5)    More orthopedic insoles: Whether they are sold separately or are an organic part of the shoe’s silhouette, quality insoles are the difference between walking on coals of fire or on clouds. Why so dramatic? Because an arthritic body is constantly wearing on the cartilage, every step wears away at it and without the proper insoles (and suspension) your feet aren’t properly encased in a comfortable, safe element.

6)    More security & arch support: This is more than just the right fit. A secure fit is a stable fit. Often arthritis can cause weakened joints which requires additional attention. While you want a pair that is sturdy with exceptional traction you also need to look for a pair that will mold to your feet and yours alone. Just like a house’s foundation holds up a roof, arch support in your shoes ultimately affects your knees, hips and back.

While it sounds like you’ll end up with a shoe that resembles a boot for a broken leg or foot, at ELM Shoes we have a multitude of options that cover these six criteria beautifully. We can find you a fit that helps eliminate or reduce swelling, aching and most importantly slow the progression through pain management. Pain inhibits healing, but the proper footwear keeps you on your feet in comfort from 9 to 5. And here you don’t have to compromise fashion for quality of life.

Let’s get started,

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Sweaty Shoes Intervention: Summer Edition

How To Prevent Sweaty ShoesJust like an empty plate is the sign of a healthy appetite, sweating is often associated with a good, healthy workout. But when you slip on a pair of shoes and they’re already wet, or it only takes leaving the house and walking around the block to start sweating, well – that sweat isn’t as rewarding.

We may not be as renown or illustrious as WebMD, but that excessive sweating could potentially be one of two things:

The incorrect shoe/sock combination: considerably simple solution that ELM Shoes can help resolve

*Hyperhidrosis: that’s going to need more than a doctor with an online degree for a hopeful prognosis

But often that elephant in the room known as sweaty, smelly shoes which inevitably leads to sweaty, smelly feet is because you are essentially wearing ill-fitting shoes. Sure they may fit physically, but they don’t fit your lifestyle.

It’s a bit taboo to discuss in person because, unless you are emotionally close to the culprit we can’t call them out, but boy do we wish they’d put their shoes back on. Although that won’t necessarily stop the odor that has already permeated the air.

Whether it’s for you or someone else, it’s time for a sweat prevention intervention.

Tip 1: Keep your feet clean and don’t slip your shoes on with wet feet.

Tip 2: Don’t wear the same shoes every day. Would you wear the same socks every day? Shirt? Give those babies a chance to air out and conform back to their intended shape.

How To Prevent Shoe Sweating

Tip 3: Wear the right socks. You may think wool socks are meant for cold winter nights but socks made with this fiber supersedes many others on the market which tend to be a cause to feet sweating.

Tip 4: Self-evaluation. If you have athlete’s foot (not just restricted to the athletic) using talcum powder or fungal spray/cream goes a long way for prevention. (Yes, eww.) These powders, sprays and creams are great for many fungi.

So now you’re probably thinking, only four tips or tricks to prevent and “hide” the problem? No sweat! Not so fast.

If your shoes already have absorbed a lot of moisture and retained the odor, you can take out the removable insoles (if your shoe features these), wash them and air dry. Again, a proactive approach to reducing moisture is alternating your shoes and most importantly investing in a pair that is less prone to absorb moisture to prevent the vicious cycle from starting again.

And that’s another area where we can offer our expertise. We’ll find your fit, your fashion favorites and the shoes and socks that best align with your sweat prevention intervention.

Until then,

-Your Missing Sock

*Excessive sweating, known as hyperhidrosis, is not only an embarrassing symptom for some but depending what kind it is can stem from more serious matters. Whether the treatment is medicine, surgery or adjusting your daily habits, the prognosis is hopeful so long as you pay attention to the warning signs.

Foot Health Awareness: Taking Care of YOUR Feet

2017 Foot Health Awareness Month

Join ELM Shoes this April and all the days after as we recognize Foot Health Awareness and play our part in healing our feet one step at a time by discovering several frequently seen symptoms and how to overcome them.

Foot Health Awareness is about more than just diabetes. It doesn’t matter how young or old you are. Whether male or female. Wherever you live, you hope to live for the long run. And a long life begins with healthy, mindful choices. From head to toe, there are choices you make to ensure your body runs in its optimum condition. Just like internal afflictions can manifest externally, wounds and other abnormalities seen externally have a great impact throughout our entire physique, thus the potential to affect our physical appearance and general well-being.

When it comes to our feet, many common areas of concerns have visible symptoms. However, anytime you feel pain, discomfort or see something out of the norm, it is worth consultation. It is said that the average person can walk up to 75,000 miles by the time they reach age 50, so whether it takes finding the right fit or having a doctor’s intervention, you owe it to yourself to take care of the issue sooner than later to reach that milestone.

SWEATY FEET: The root of sweaty feet cannot always be traced back to shoes. While some textiles allow your feet to breathe more freely, such as leather and wool versus acrylic fibers, excessive sweating in your feet is just like someone who has extreme sweating in their palm or anywhere else on their person. Known as Hyperhidrosis, it is not only an embarrassing symptom for some but depending what kind it is can stem from more serious matters. Whether the treatment is medicine, surgery or adjusting your daily habits, the prognosis is hopeful so long as you pay attention to the warning signs.

HAGLAND’S DEFORMITY: The word deformity seems like it would be a clear self-diagnosis but often this enlargement of the bone on the back of the heel is overlooked. For many, it’s called the Pump Bump due to its occurrence from wearing heels and pumps too much. When not properly addressed, Hoagland’s Deformity can lead to bursitis – a painful inflammation of the bursa. Treatment requires visiting a doctor or restructuring your footwear as this is a primary cause.

2017 Foot Health Awareness Month

NEUROMAS: When you think of a pinched nerve, you often think of it located in your back or hip. However, your feet are equally susceptible to pinched nerves. Neuroma, typically found in female patients, causes pain in the front of your feet between the toes and ball of your feet, causing swelling, tingling, burning and numbness. Frequently caused by compression, wearing shoes with plenty of room for movement is pivotal to the relief and succession of pain. In addition to changing your footwear, visiting a podiatrist is essential as the condition can worsen if left untreated.

INGROWN TOENAILS: Painful, problematic and the most prevalent of all, ingrown toenails are nails (usually on the big toe) that persistently poke and grow into the tender tissue of your nail grooves, subsequently leading to swelling, redness, irritation and, at times, infection. Persistent ingrown nails require a doctor’s attention for lifting the nail and removing the irritated areas.

DIABETIC WOUND CARE: As a diabetic patient, foot care is elemental to managing your symptoms as many complications can arise from improper care. With neuropathy, high blood pressure and other issues to factor into, your blood circulation and sensations can be irregular thus the need to visually and physically inspect your feet from top to bottom. 15% of diabetic patients will encounter a would or foot ulcer – typically on the sole – so it’s important to proactively seek out any possible areas you may have hurt yourself or where your open sores are a vulnerability.

While our feet are resilient, able to withstand our long days and treks across varied landscapes, this exposes them to daily stresses and environmental conditions. Since pain inhibits healing, it’s important to alleviate a primary source of the symptoms. At ELM Shoes our knowledgeable and passionate staff can assist you in finding the perfect fit.

It’s time to raise awareness and put your best foot forward again.

-Your Missing Sock

Fashion For Your Feet: 2017 Trends

2017 Trends

At the beginning of each year, projections are released from industry experts on what will be trending. Meanwhile the runway has set the standard for what your wardrobe needs.

These extravagant styles may help you fit in during fashion week, but at ELM Shoes we find shoes that fit you. Physically and stylistically.

Why fit in with the trends when you can stand out in comfort and quality?

Sophisticating Socks: We at ELM Shoes have addressed the fashion faux pas of socks and sandals. This year socks are making a comeback. Wearing them with a sophisticated pair of heels or wearing nylons with open-toed heels. Since neither of these are everyday looks and may be unexpected in your locality, a way you can compromise is thick stockings with heels and definitely waiting until spring to wear open toed shoes – sans nylons.

Flatform Sandals (the exaggerated platform shoe): Remember when Doc Martens were all the rage – some boasting a substantial sole? 2017 is embracing that extensive outsole with inspiration from Asian styles. The Flatform depicts a stable shoe of durability and eclectic tastes.

Since the height may be uncomfortable for you, wearing wedges can give you a similar outcome. Although the outsole may not be solid, you can gain a more secure heel than a stiletto’s spike.

Thigh-High Boots: For those accustomed with fishing in a body of water, thigh-high boots cannot be substituted with hip waders. If you don’t like tight clothes, being constricted, encounter swelling in your legs or feet, introducing your closet to a riding boot will produce a similar look. These boots general come up to your knees, sometimes almost hugging the knee cap. With endless options, you can achieve a stylish look without having to suit up. Moreover, you will be warm.

Slider Shoes: An elevated “shower shoe,” these can be great for slipping on quickly. However, they do not offer the most support. An alternative option is an open-back shoe. You get the same airy feeling, your toes are just not exposed.

Pointed Toes: If you have two different sized feet (it’s not a rarity; it’s quite common) or feel like your toes get pinched easily, the obvious answer is wearing a square or round toe. Also, consider wearing orthotic inserts so your foot can withstand the long hours your feet are encased in shoes.

Ankle Straps: These shoes are not created equally. Some may have adjustable straps or ribbons, but if you have wider ankles, this can be a very uncomfortable fit. If you are pregnant or have to wear compression socks, these can be substituted with Mary Janes. They offer a mid-sole strap which decreases the propensity for a tight, uncomfortable fit. Another style you can incorporate is laced oxford shoes that have a heel.

Sequined Shoes: For those who want to add flair to their wardrobe sequined shoes will accommodate your desire. However, once a sequin falls off it can be quite noticeable. For more durable yet wow factor shoes try multi-colored, patterned or snakeskin shoes. These options add dimension to what could otherwise be a plain black loafer.

2017 Footwear Fashion Trends

2017 is anticipating many more statements made through shoes. Mesh fabric, sculptured heels, David Bowie and Spice Girls inspired six-inch platform boots, marabou trimming or vibrantly solid white pleather.

With all these options it’s hard to figure out what fashion statement or choice you should make. Before you begin defining that 2017 statement, it’s important to know what your feet actually need.

At ELM Shoes we provide an analysis of your pressure points and your shoe size so you can enjoy your shoes for more than just a date night.

To begin discovering your perfect fit, call, stop by or browse our website for expert advice.

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Insulation Awareness: Staying Warm Through Inclement Weather

Insulation Awareness

It stings the toes and bites the nose, isn’t just a lyric sung at the commencement of Christmas festivities. It’s a real issue during the winter season. Snow, sleet, rain, wind and temperatures that cause bumps to raise on our skin. Our life revolves around one thought: how to say warm.

If your feet aren’t warm, it’s hard to maintain a healthy body temperature. Cold feet can lead to catching a cold as a loss of heat in your feet causes a change in your entire body, specifically your nose. When this happens, your immune system is more susceptible to catch a virus.

But through proper accessories and footwear, you can combat sickness and inclement weather and stay warm and dry all season long.

SOCKS: Similar to when you insulate your home, done properly and with quality materials, you can stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The same goes for your feet with wool socks. Retaining heat during the coldest of days, even if you suffer from sweaty feet, wool absorbs moisture before you even begin to feel it. Darn Tough Sock’s Merino wool enhances the lifetime comfort, durability and style and is the perfect alternative to layering cotton socks that may become damp and suffer from the fear of frostbite.

INSULATION: Whether removable or emulating the fluff inside a Kamik – Eskimo boots – insulation is the difference between rain boots and survival of the fittest. Depending on where you live or the activities you encounter, inspecting the pair of boots or shoes you are purchasing for the temperature ratings is essential. Spending time hiking, hunting or outdoors extensively in locations with consistently below freezing temps? Look for footwear that protects against the negatives. In addition, you can find GORE-TEX® lined boots that are waterproof. When the boot has a leather upper, this prevents moisture from seeping through.

INSOLES: Insoles, like shoes, need to be custom fitted. Made from foam or gel, they offer stability aligning your ankles, knees, hips, spine and shoulders. Over time, this corrects many facets in a misaligned body and just as we discovered by wearing socks, a healthy body is a warm body.

Insulation Awareness

FIT: When you try your shoes on, always ensure there is wiggle room. Not only can pain and ulcers be a direct result, but tight shoes inhibit the ability to wear socks leaving your feet cold and miserable. Once you have an expert find the right fit for you, ensure you always tie your shoe correctly, especially if it’s wet outside.

CONDITION: Weather your shoes. Conditioning your boots throughout the seasons provides longevity to your shoes and ensures that the soles, silhouettes, uppers and laces all remain superior and reliable. Thus your feet will stay dry, warm and healthy. Polishing leather, spraying suede, addressing salt stains, replacing laces; even upgrading the shoes themselves.

Need help in choosing insulated footwear or in choosing a pair of Darn Tough festive socks? Look no further. ELM Shoes has your feet covered.

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Fashion That Fits All Day Long

Fashion That Fits All Day

Whether it’s wrapping a scarf around your neck or wrapping presents, ’tis the season to start layering. While the daylight is shorter and the night is colder, the demands on us are more intense than an average work day. The harder we are on our body, the more demands we put on our feet. While we go from work to after-parties to mingle with friends and family, we naturally want to look our best. And that starts with our footwear. Footwear can make or break an outfit, and it can make our day health wise.

You can have 12-hour days without having to compromise looks. You can be comfortable, have quality shoes and have fashion that fits all day long. This season you can look fresh from sun up to sun down and beyond.

A Little Heel Goes A Long Way: Heels are a great way to ensure your wardrobe has longevity throughout the day. You don’t have to wear stilettos to make a statement. Whether kitten, chunky, block or stacked heels, adding height is a great way to make an impression. Vionic’s Faros allows you to stay a step above while staying warm. Also, they have great details like fringe that can go the extra mile with an outfit creating a holiday look of pizzazz that gives the décor a run for its money.

Cork Equates As Comfort: Not only is Naot known for having fashionable comfort, the company’s name translates to Oasis. Moreover, they provide just that for your feet in a wide variety of beautiful colors and elements. Naot’s cork footbed is perhaps one of their most pronounced elements. As the holiday rolls around and with it the time to be on the go all the time, the cork helps you outrun the elements and the clock.

Earth Summit Boot in StoneSole Power: The ability to walk on clouds will probably not be discovered in our lifetime. But shoe company Earth comes pretty close with their soles and footbed. Their trending Summit showcases their exclusive toe to heel support and cushioned arch. You may have to touch up your makeup and hair but your shoes will keep you steadfast from the moment you slip them on.

Orthotics, the right size and width are vital when selecting shoes. At ELM Shoes we ensure that you find what you love and what your arch and pain points need.

Need fashion that fits all day? ELM Shoes. IT Fits.

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Man’s Best Friend: Irish Setter Boots


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Irish Setter Boots

There’s a reason Frederick the Great of Prussia and later poet Ogden Nash referred to dogs as man’s best friend. No matter your dedication to cats, a dog’s affections and loyalty to its owner – and even those to whom they don’t “belong” – is unsurpassed.

While wolves were originally domesticated to become house pets, over the years we have been introduced to countless breeds. Dogs for guarding, fighting, showing, herding, shearing. Dogs for hounding. And dogs for hunting.

It was such a hunting dog, a bird dog, bred to assist their owners and hunters in finding and retrieving their game, that become more than a friend, but an emblem for a footwear staple.

Back in the 50s, it was a bird dog, a local family’s dog specifically, that helped kickoff a now revolutionary boot brand. The dog, Red Mike of Doxmoe, inspired the logo that is now an iconic piece of hunting gear.

Not only is it expected of the American home to boast a dog, but a well-rounded wardrobe, where you’ll find man’s other best friend, the boot.

From its first footsteps in public, Irish Setter has been dedicated to quality, providing premium performances for the life of the product. Introducing proprietary technologies such as ExoFlex™ Locked-In Fit and Cushin™ Comfort Tongue, Irish Setter is recognized among workers, outdoorsman and hunters for its exceptional and superior craftsmanship.

The design and managerial team behind the boots are more than Irish Setter employees. Located in a historic Mississippi River town, they are industry experts as hunters, fishers and workers who have walked through the wet, dry and dangerous lands. This experience has helped them develop boots that meet man’s most integral outdoor needs.

Irish Setter Boots

VAPRTREK™LS/882: A good hunter may stand out with how much game he can bag, but when he’s in the wild it’s all about how he can blend in. Style 822’s Realtree Xtra® Camouflage boasts lifelike images for depth during any hunting season. Walk your way through the woods to your perfect hunting stand with superior traction and still stay warm through 800g PrimaLoft® Gold Eco insulation. Whether trekking through water or traversing through brambles, this lightweight boot is bound to be a most reliable option.

ELK TRACKER/882: Rich leather that can withstand the harshest winters of North America, this Elk hunting inspired boot highlights Irish Setter’s Bulls-Eye® Bob Aggressive sole. Technology designed for shock absorbing traction without encumbering the boot with overbearing weight. The ELK Tracker features 3M™ Thinsulate™ that keeps hunters’ feet warm through dusk, dawn and damp conditions. If ever there was a best friend, the support this boot fulfills offers all the definitions exceptionally well.

ELK TRACKER/886: A beautiful combination of full-grain leather and fabric, this rugged design showcases Mossy Oak® Break-Up Country® Camouflage providing hunters art that mimics their backdrop. The boot’s ScentBan™ is an exclusive technology in the footbed that kills bacteria – a great bonus for the long days spent scouring the perfect shot. Between the excellent traction, UltraDry™ waterproofing system, and many other benefits, the 886 style is surely a step in the right direction during this hunting season.

Ready to meet your new best friend? ELM Shoes is ready to fit your feet for the best season of hunting.

-Your Missing Sock

Classy Shoes For The Classroom



On average, a teacher’s day begins at six or seven and can end at the same numerical hour. Even if they’re not a math teacher, that adds up to 12 hours.

With approximately 180 days of school per year that equates to 2,160 hours of being a beacon of education. Of transforming minds. While every teacher’s educational presentation varies, everyone has the same goal. To make the learning environment less stressful and more memorable.

However, creating a stress-free environment begins with ensuring teachers significantly reduce the stress in their life.

We all encounter physical stress: A lumpy bed, repeatedly biting your tongue; these small doses are manageable. It’s the chronic stress that can negatively impact our physical and emotional wellbeing.

While the buildup may be vague and may not even be reflective on our countenance, the consequences will not only affect us but those in our immediate presence.

Signs of emotional stress are: becoming easily agitated, feeling overwhelmed, avoiding others or having difficulty relaxing.

Physical symptoms include low energy, insomnia, headaches, nervousness, clenched jaw, frequent colds and infections or tense muscles.

Combine those and being a beacon of a education feels a little more challenging. See, the chronic stressor of a teacher begins the moment you slip your shoes on. While you may not be standing or walking all 2,160 hours per year, poorly chosen shoes that do not support feet do not support feet no matter the task or activity. Sitting, slouching, standing, jogging, walking. Footwear that is not serving its intended purpose can cause lifelong, irreversible damage.

In a society obsessed with high heels, we’ve compromised our health for heights of fashion. Politician Michelle Bachman admitted high heels caused her headaches and for many that’s a minor repercussion for wearing stilettos all day. One outward sign is a pump-bump. A protruding blister at the back of the heal. Not to mention swelling and bursitis. Many podiatrists remark to seeing several patients a day with complaints to pain from their footwear.

In an effort to solve the problem with high-heels, some turn to flats. The problem is that flats with no arch support fail to absorb the repeated shock factors of your feet hitting the ground. Over time, this causes strain on your ligaments and tendons leading up to the knee. Once your arch starts to suffer, your ankle is affected. If the ankle is compromised, the knee and hip.

So are Doctor’s Croc’s the answer? Do teachers have to reduce their sense of style in the name of reducing their stress factors?

Three companies set out to not just address the crisis of poor craftsmanship and Lack or orthotics, but styles befitting of classrooms.


The Top Three Brands to Beat Chronic Stress:

DANSKO: A 100% employee-owned company that began more than twenty years ago by a husband and wife team, this Pennsylvania brand is rooted in simplicity and efficiency. Clogs that are comfortable, heels that feel good while making you look good and flats that aren’t flat. A local legend that is now infused in everyday wear, Dansko supports you.

AETREX: Founded in 1946, Aetrex is a global leader in the footwear industry and is renowned for its over-the-counter Lynco Orthotics. They also offer footwear with built-in arch support & ultra-soft memory foam cushioning. Recommended by doctors and podiatrists, Lynco Orthotics offers unsurpassed support, comfort and proper body alignment. Committed to Foot Health for Three Generations, their goal is to continue creating the healthiest shoes on the market with a fashionable, functional, quality edge. In 2002 they launched the patented groundbreaking digital foot scanner, the iStep, which can scan your foot and accurately measure it for size, pressure points and arch type within seconds.

VIONIC: Founded in 1979 through the works of renowned podiatrist Phillip Vasyli – a pioneer and innovator in lower limb biomechanics – Vionics creates life-changing footwear and orthotics. With the aim to make pain relief accessible without a doctor’s prescription, Vasyli creates orthotics and footwear in a stylish range of shoes, sandals and boots. Many Vionic shoes bear the American Podiatric Medical Association’s Seal of Acceptance – signifying safety, quality and effectiveness.

Ready to dress classy in the classroom? For more information or to try out the Aextrex iStep for your perfect fit stop by ELM Shoes on the square in Greencastle and start shopping. ELM Shoes. IT Fits!

-Your Missing Sock